The main activities of Oliva AD and Buildcom EOOD are international trade in grains and oilseeds, production and trade in vegetable oils and meals, as well as grain storage services.


Oliva AD operates three oil crushing plants in Bulgaria – the first in Knezha, Pleven region with daily processing capacity of 300 tons of sunflower, the second – in the town of Polski Trambesh, Veliko Tarnovo region with daily processing capacity of 1,100 tons of sunflower, and third in the village of Razdelna, Varna region, with daily capacity of 1,200 tons of sunflower.

With its three plants Oliva AD operates with over 30% of the active oil processing facilities in Bulgaria and is a market leader. The main groups of manufactured products are:

• Crude sunflower oil;
• Refined sunflower oil;
• High-protein meal, pelleteized and non-pelleteized;
• Sunflower husks, pelleteized and non-pelleteized;
• Sunflower kernels for the bakery industry.

Grain storage

Oliva AD utilizes its own grain storage capacity of over 410,000 tons, operated by the company's own staff. The company also leases other external granaries on a campaign basis. The network of granaries covers a large part of Northern Bulgaria, where over 80% of the crop of grains and oilseeds of Bulgaria is produced.


Oliva AD and the mother company Buildcom EOOD trade in:

• grains and oilseeds;
• crude and refined sunflower oil, bulk or in bottles;
• high-protein meals;
• sunflower kernels for the bakery industry;
• sunflower husks and other agri commodities.

The products are traded by road, rail, river or sea transport in the usual types of delivery according to Incoterms 2020:

• by truck – FCA, CPT, DAP, DAT;
• by tank trucks – FCA, CPT, DAP, DAT;
• by railway wagons and tanks – FCA, DAP;
• through flexitank – FOB, CFR, CIF;
• through containers – FCA, CPT, CIP;
• by ships and barges – FOB, CFR, CIF.

Oliva and Buildcom actively use the port terminal PCHMV in Varna for FOB/CIF deliveries. PCHMV (a.k.a. MAE) is one of the few Bulgarian terminals offering facilities for transit storage of grain and fast loading – the termianl achieves a loading rate of 1,000 tons per hour, which is the fastest available in Varna.